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First Green and Charitable Tour Operator

Beyond Vacations takes pride in being the First Green and Charitable Tour Operator. The objective is to send persons on a vacation beyond their expectations, heißt es im eTN Travel-Telegramm vom 07.05.2008. What’s more, we would like to do so in an environmentally and socially responsible manner: we offset the vacation’s carbon footprint, and donate 20% of our profits to charities.

Beyond Vacations offers a variety of travel packages to satisfy all your travel needs. From Luxury Breaks, Luxury Tours, Cycling Tours, Hiking Tours, Eco-Tours and Expeditions to a multitude of destinations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Most of our tours are tailor made to satisfy your needs during your much deserved holidays.

Beyond Vacations is happy to provide you with the choice of four charitable causes to which your share of the profits will be donated (Breast Cancer, Heart & Stroke, Alzheimer’s and Children with AIDS in Africa) and we seek to increase our charity list in the future, thus providing you more choice. Alternatively, we would like to give you the option to allocate a portion of your profits to support local causes at your home base or your travel destination.

Please visit our website at www.beyond-vacations.com or you can email your request at www.beyond-vacations.com/request.php  or by telephone in the USA: 1-888-801-6301, France: 04 89 92 90 89, UK: 0808 120 3637, rest of Europe: +334 83 50 11 21 or via SKYPE: beyondvacations .

Our donations will help accelerate research into these diseases, improve treatments and hopefully lead to a cure.